What are the Sizes of Pool tables in India? What is the Room size required for pool tables?

Table Size Play Area Room Dimension
57″ cue
7′ x 3.1/2′ 78″ X 39″ 17′ X 13′
8′ X 4′ 88″ X 44″ 18′ X 14′
9′ X 4.1/2′ 100″ X 50″ 19′ X 15′

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What are the Sizes of billiards tables in India or Snooker tables in India? Room size required for a Billiards table or Snooker table?

Table Size Play Area No.of.legs Room Dimension
57″ cue
12′ X 6′ 124″ X 62″ 8 22′ X 16′
10′ X 5′ 112″ X 56″ 6 20′ X 15′

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Price of pool tables in India?

The price of the Pool table mainly depends upon the type of wood option opted and table design selected like Traditional turned lathed leg type pool table or Imported American box-type pool table or an Exclusive custom-built pool table and Set of pool tables accessories you select with the entire set of the pool table. It also depends upon the table base option you select as per your usage.

Price of Billiards/snooker tables in India?

Price of the Billiards/snooker table mainly depends upon the timber/wood option opted. Billiards Slate stone options and some of the Exclusive models of billiards/snooker with designer leather pockets may determine the prices and Billiards/snooker tables’ accessories set you select for the entire set of table.

Is it sensible to buy Second hand Billiards tables, Snooker tables and pool Tables in India?

A second hand Billiards table, Used Snooker table or Used pool table in India is very risky to deal with and involves skilled professional installers fees.


Most likely you will end up paying more than a brand new set of table! Firstly it requires expert dismantling cost from the sellers place, then packing cost to avoid further damage in transit, vehicle loading, handling and transportation cost to your place, then unloading cost, then re-assembling the whole table set, stone levelling and cloth fabrication cost and lastly game accessories cost.

Mostly pool tables which are sold as used tables are not properly maintained ones so that adds-on the cost to refabricate it, 90% of Used pool tables in India will have damaged table parts and you will have to buy new pool table parts or cloth felt that will also add up to the cost of used snooker or pool tables.

Hence we strongly suggest not to opt for used pool tables in India unless you are expert in assessing price of used billiards or pool tables in Indian market. Instead buy high quality assured brand new billiards tables, snooker tables or pool tables from us at reasonable prices.

Why should I buy a pool table?

A Pool Table is a quality investment in your home and lifestyle. Pool tables have long been considered a fine furniture investment, symbolizing sophistication, style and refined enhancement of home interiors.


Today, homeowners continue to enhance their home’s décor and appeal with impressive Pool tables models. Our wide collection of affordable and distinctive stylish pool table models allows you to create elegance or a stylish modern game room setting in your home. Available in different range of prices and models, our company has the perfect pool table to meet your expectation and budget.

Fun, Easy and Engaging billiards and pool tables have become the fastest-growing leisure sport today, being the #1 choice for indoor game rooms at home across the nation. Tournament playing quality and modern style pool Tables bring the challenge and fun of playing pool game into the convenience of your own home. Requiring no preparation or hassles, a billiard table at home is always ready to provide enjoyment and relaxation – improve your skills with a solo game, or host a tournament night with family and friends together. Simply ENJOY!

What are the benefits of playing pool and billiards?

Pool is a game for any age group – Kids and parents alike can play. It’s easy to learn and exciting to play. Benefits of this popular game include increased eye-hand coordination, focus and concentration, and even practical application of geometry and physics. Additionally, playing billiards is a great way to bring your family and friends together for quality time and interaction.


In today’s hectic schedules, spending quality time together indoor can be difficult, The obstacles are endless– expensive to go out for entertainment and too complicated to match and arrange everyone’s schedule, different interests among parents and children, safety etc. Whatever the reason, today’s families are finding it more impossible to spend quality time together, With pool tables at home we assure each engaging game of pool will draw your family together for fun, conversation, and quality time; you have a popular piece of entertainment everyone will look forward to enjoying. Challenging, easy, and interactive!

Entire family specially kids will have unlimited fun and kids learn a good sense of physical and mental refreshment from playing pool and billiards. So why wait anymore gather around for some cool family fun:-

  • Develop Maths & Geometry Skills.– helps in mental calculations
  • Teaches etiquette and courtesy principals especially patience.
  • Develop critical thinkingmemory power and strategy.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Refreshes mind of any age – because it’s just playing fun!
  • No restrictions– Any age group above 6 years

Why do some pool tables cost more than others?

Buying a pool table is like buying an asset which is meant to last long. In general, higher priced pool tables have more design details and use high grade costly raw materials. Other factors that determine the price are table construction quality, wood species used, Final finish options, pockets and playing game accessories set. Most of the cheaper pool tables in india are imported from china which are manufactured using low cost waste particle chip boards and recycled plastics. These tables cost less as they don’t use any good quality genuine raw materials. You don’t have to get the most expensive one on the market, but be sure to do your research to ensure you buy a genuine quality pool table that will be around a long time.

How do I take care of the cloth on my billiard table or pool table?

One of the most important point to remember is to keep the table covered with a table overcover when you are not using it. This will protect the table from dirt particles, which can breakdown, the cloth fibers and shorten the life span of the cloth.


To clean the dirt and dust use a billiard table brush gently. Brush the cloth only when required and never apply force while brushing. After brushing, wipe pockets or pocket liners with a damp cloth to remove lint. Brushing helps remove dusty dirt, chalk and lint from both the bed and rail cushions. If extra cleaning is needed you can call for professional help.

When a new cloth has been used for a short time, small half moon spots will appear. These are cue stabs which are caused by players allowing their cues to come into contact with the cloth after striking the ball. These marks will gradually become less noticeable as the cloth ages. This type of damage is caused more frequently if the edges of tips or ferrules are allowed to become sharp or rough. The dropping of balls or rough placing of rests can cause similar blemishes. Avoid careless chalking of cue tips over the cloth area, one of the main cause of dust accumulation on slate bed.

How to buy a pool table or How to order a pool table?

Keeping in mind the room space you have, select the size and model of table you desire. Just browse thru our wide range of pool tables for the size you have opted, select the model or design type you desire, Let us know either by email at [email protected] or just call us or WhatsApp us at 9349955279 for our expert help in quickly finalizing the best model suitable for your home use or project requirement.

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